Having a company philosophy that guides decision-making and action is very important to us. As such we’ve laid out our company’s purpose, vision and values as simply and clearly as we can. These act as our “True North”, against which all our other services, behaviors, decisions and aspirations can be measured.

Our Purpose

To increase business productivity and reduce risk through nationally accepted ICT practices and standards.

Our Vision

[box type=success]To have a majority of organisations in Australia adhering to our nationally accepted ICT practices.[/box]

[box type=success]To be the preferred leader on ICT standards in Australia that ICT service providers turn to for growth and sustainability.[/box]

[box type=success]To be the nationally recognised conduit between ICT Customers and ICT Service Providers.[/box]

Our Values

[box type=notice]Integrity – keep the promises made[/box]

[box type=notice]Honesty – truthful and straightforward[/box]

[box type=notice]Courtesy – to be polite, respectful and considerate[/box]

[box type=notice]Collaborative – working together to realise shared goals[/box]

[box type=notice]Sustainability – capacity to endure through long term solutions and relationships[/box]


These core values make up our very essence and is ingrained in our DNA and make ICTAA the leaders for ICT Accreditation.