Today just about every business function depends on ICT in some way. Every business, no matter how simple, needs a clear framework of ICT best practice to ensure increased productivity and reduced risk.


In todays world of Ransomware, Targeted Hacks and Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws, cyber threats are the biggest and most complex threat that any business will face and unfortunately most successful attacks only occur because someone has overlooked basic security practises or by untrained staff who accidently initiate the attacks from within your security defences – regardless of how much fancy new security software you have employed within your business you need some way to audit your IT ecosystem for shortcomings and asking your IT person to audit their own work will almost always result in a bias reassurance that everything is OK.

ICT Accreditations

Based on rich history of practical ICT experience across industries, ICTAA has been created as a layered set of best practice ICT standards to form Australia’s first ICT Accreditation program. These best practices cater for all businesses from the SOHO operator right through to complex enterprise and government operations.

ICTAA is a 100% independent service designed to support both business owners and IT Service Providers. This a pioneering and innovative service that has been absent from the Australian market – until now.

Assessment Kits

The simplest and easiest way in Australia to see how your ICT practices measure up; the ICTAA Assessment Kit. These checklists are easy to follow and will show you where your ICT practice is up to standard and where there are risks and opportunities for improvement.

By implementing your Assessment Kit, you are introducing Quality Assurance into your ICT environment and collating the information you need to ensure you are making the right IT decisions.

Our Accreditation Types

Accredited Business

If you operate in the B2B market, you see the value of quality systems and you desire further clarity on your own ICT systems; then an ICTAA Business Accreditation is what you need.Read More »

Accredited Service Provider

To further showcase your commitment to customer service and business ethics; an ICTAA Service Provider Accreditation will elevate your credibility and increase opportunities in the marketplace for your ICT business.Read More »

Accredited Auditor

The most regarded ICTAA assessment method is by an Accredited Auditor. If your business currently works in the Quality Assurance space and would like to add to your service listing, then talk to us about becoming an ICTAA Accredited Auditor.Read More »

Our Clients

As a Registered Training Organisation our industry is rigorously audited on a regular and ongoing basis. As the online training component of our company continues to expand we recognised that we needed to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were not only compliant with quality standards but we were demonstrating best practice within the industry regarding the way we monitor and maintain the IT component of our training organisation.

Gary RoseCEO - RTA

I chose to undertake the ICTAA Accreditation self-assessment program as it will show that my business has quality information, communication and technology systems and practices. As an accountant who specialises in audit and assurance services including corporate governance reviews, I definitely see this as being an integral part of any businesses’ corporate governance and quality management framework and how it would work for any size business.

John SmithDirector - QCom

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