ICTAA Level 1 Accreditation: Business Awareness

ICTAA Level 1 Accreditation: Business Awareness

Business Awareness Accreditation is for the business who wants to get a snapshot of their current ICT ecosystem and establish solid ICT management frameworks within their business, we cover basic processes and various IT components, this incorporates documenting your assets and building up repositories of critical information.

We also explore basic processes in your business for example, we will explore your data backup procedures and ensure that you have adequate protections in place to backup and protect your business data.

Some of the items we cover in Level 1: Business Awareness

  • Internal Policies: Helping you to develop a range of policies such as Internet Usage and Email Usage policies.
  • Documenting: Service providers and confirming you all the pieces to the puzzle.
  • Basic ICT Health: Surge protection, appropriate ventilation, data cabinets, printers and regular maintenance.
  • Data Security: Will your data survive a ransomware attack?
  • Developing: Asset, Passwords and Maintenance Registers.
  • Backing up data:  Will your backups be relevant when you need them?
  • Basic Online security: Are your Anti-virus and online security tools adequate?
  • Password Security: Are they strong enough? Are they changed regularly? Who else knows them?
  • Spam and Email Security: Are you getting a lot of spam? Has this spam been malicious and posed a risk to your business?


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