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What is ICTAA?

ICT Accreditation Australia (ICTAA) is the brainchild of accomplished ICT service providers who had long seen the need for an independent service to help business owners to improve productivity and reduce their ICT related risks.

ICTAA helps businesses build a solid ICT foundation by utilizing the ICTAA developed ICT Accreditation Framework, Assessment Kit, Online Resources and Tools, to document, manage and take back control of their ICT ecosystem.

How does it work?

ICTAA is a framework of ICT related questions that when answered, they will help build up your documents repositories and help you capture important information and knowledge about your ICT ecosystem. Armed with this information you can clearly see what aspects of your ICT are putting your business at risk and the areas that need the most attention. This will also help you when dealing with IT service providers by helping you dictate what services you need.

In the event of a disaster event that impacts your ICT systems you will be in possession of all your critical ICT management and contact information which will be instrumental in your business recovery efforts.


Capture all the important ICT related information that makes your IT ecosystem.


ICT deficiencies and areas for improvement in your ecosystem.


Resolve any ICT concerns that are putting your business at risk or engage an ICTAA certified service provider to help.

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