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Getting Accredited

If you’re unsure where your business should start, you can contact us and we will help you decide.


Decide which level of Accreditation you wish to undertake.

Helps you collect all the vital information and facts about your ICT systems in one place. So when trouble strikes or you need answers, you can put your finger on the information at a moments notice.

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For the business owner or manager who wants to make sure that they are using (or building) their ICT systems to deliver the greatest efficiencies to their core business.

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Helps you to identify and plan to mitigate the significant ICT risks around the corner. Consistent and constant functioning of your businesses ICT system is now a major risk management consideration.

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Simply purchase your Assessment Kit from our online store. We will email your online portal login and post you your accreditation pack via registered surface mail.

12-month Accredited Subscription

Your arsenal of potent, actionable, best practice knowledge at your fingertips for less than $2 a day, that helps you collect all the vital information and facts about your ICT ecosystem in one place. So when trouble strikes or you need answers, you can put your finger on the information at a moments notice.
By undertaking the business accreditation, owners and managers can improve the quality of core business processes and implement continuity planning into their ICT ecosystems.

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The ICTAA Accreditation Kit included in the subscription will give you all the tools you need to document your IT ecosystem, this process will help you to identify ALL the equipment that makes up your IT ecosystem – we can also provide you (included in the cost) an ICTAA senior IT consultant who can help you to identify and document all the pieces of hardware, software and services that your business relies on to function.

We include many practical documents within the accreditation kit which include Asset Registers, Service Provider Registers, Maintenance Registers plus many more.

Once you have documented all the pieces that makes up your IT ecosystem, you’re now armed with all the information you need to confidently audit what’s actually needed to keep your business online and secure, this will also give you an understanding of what else is needed to meet the accreditation standards and what pieces are putting your business at risk.

ICTAA will review your accreditation answers and perform random spot checks on your accreditation, this also includes a review of your ecosystem by our senior IT consultants who will help you ensure that nothing is overlooked and your accreditation aligns with our quality systems.

Anyone can build an IT ecosystem, what really matters is making sure it was build to a standard that not only allows your business to operate efficiently but it also needs to ensure that quality processes and systems are in place to protect your data and brands reputation.

We include many policy and procedure document templates within the accreditation that you can use, these include Internet Usage Policy templates, Bring Your Own Device Policy templates, Privacy Policy templates plus many more.

Is one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of any IT plan, what good is a data backup if the process is broken and the data isn’t being checked for corruption and validity – a backup that’s been failing for many weeks isn’t a backup.

We include a Maintenance Register document and systems to help you build solid maintenance plans into your IT ecosystem to help you identify any issues before they become disasters.

Its your IT ecosystem and your data breach fine if you get it wrong, maybe you have a great IT company looking after your IT ecosystem but how do you know they have build your IT ecosystem the right way, how do you audit their work for quality?


Begin working through the workbook and guide – the ICTAA Accreditation Framework, and implement any enhancements you require.

Assessment Questionaire and a Workbook where you record your answers for each of the assessment questions. Once this is completed, the answers provided will be used to award your accreditation.

Paper-based information registers for Assets, Maintenance and sensitive information like login details for systems and asset stickers.

We will also include access to the ICTAA online portal that is filled with policy templates, tools and resources to help you throughout your accreditation journey.


Once you’re done, send the workbook back to us for processing, final approval and accreditation. Your accreditation will also include.

Online Portal

The ICTAA online portal is an online version of the assesment kit, we also have a number of policy templates, tools and other documents for you to browse and use.

ICT Process Tips and Explanations

You may need to implement a process to bolster your security, but sometimes the steps to achieve this can be confusing but don’t stress, we have documented this for you with steps explanations and articles in our portal.

Policies and Procedures Templates

Need a policy document? we have a number of common policy templates for you to download and use.

Physical Paper Folder and Kit

When stuff hits the fan you could be locked out of your ICT data, passwords and procedures, this is why we include a physical folder and assessment kit, you can keep one at work and another offsite somewhere safe, when a disaster strikes, your physical folder will have all the info you need to recover.

Access to a community of experts

Don’t put your ICT at risk, ICTAA accredited gives you access to a network of ICTAA accredited ICT professionals and service providers.

ICTAA Support

We are here to help you with assesment questions, ICT queries and vetting and helping you to connect with trusted accredited ICT service providers.

Health Snapshot

ICT is complex and sometimes things get overlooked or forgotten the assessment will give you a snapshot of your ICT health and vulnerabilities and the areas that require more attention.

News and Articles

We keep an eye on the latest threats and exploits and regularly send out articles and tips – this also includes any major data breaches that you might need to be across.

Get your business accredited and prevent becoming the next data breach victim.