What is RMM?

What is RMM?

RMM or Remote Monitoring and Management is a proactive approach taken by Managed Service Providers for keeping any eye on your computers and servers.

Typically an ICT Service Provider will use a system specifically designed to monitor your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a problem arises or the signs of a potential problem arise, your provider will get alerted (email or SMS). They will then filter these alerts through a triage process according to severity.

These systems are far more proactive than the traditional break-fix approach to ICT – when it breaks then we will get it fixed.

Most RMM solutions will also be able to manage mobile devices, online backups, managed antivirus, patches and updates, automated tasks and scripts, and remote logins. They can also be used as an asset tracking system which keeps details of your hardware and software like serial numbers, model, make, updates, and vendor.

ICTAA™ recommends an RMM solution for any size of business. That is any business that relies on ICT to function!

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