Tips for Testing Backups

Tips for Testing Backups

When it comes time to restore data from a backup, you want to feel confident that your data is going to be there, this is why it’s critical to test your backups regularly, this could be once a month and can be added to your DYI Maintenance register.

If you were to adopt the Grandfather-father-son backup scheme and you had a corrupted backup in the cycle that was never picked up, there is a real potential for significant data loss, forcing you to rely on backups that may be days, weeks or even months old.

Testing the data restore process will also help to identify any human errors for example, a wrongly labelled backup media in the backup cycle could cause the entire backup set to become unusable.

Check List:

  1. Add Backup Testing to DYI Maintenance register
  2. Perform regular testing of data restores from backups


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