Tips for Storing Data

Tips for Storing Data

We recommend keeping duplicates of data backups in different geographical locations for safekeeping, it is critical that data is encrypted to prevent someone from viewing the content. You should also consider what type of backup media you are going to use, each has its limitations and some can become very expensive to maintain.

Backup Storage Options:

  1. Portable USB hard drives are the most common and cost-effective way to store large backup files, these drives are fast and can be reused for a number of years without issues unless you drop them.
  2. Cloud Storage is another cheap way to backup data and ensure that its stored offsite, however, if your using Cloud hosting for servers and applications, you will need to understand if your backup data files are being moved to a different cloud or even to your office, to ensure they are being physically separated from the data source.
  3. Cloud Applications some applications like OneDrive or Dropbox primarily store data in the cloud within their platforms, we recommended that you make regular backups of this data, even though they provide some level of file versioning and file recovery, you shouldn’t be solely relying on them to keep your data safe, there are also limitations on these platforms around data retention and long many versions of files they store.
  4. Data Centre storage is another popular way to store data and ensure that its keep separated from the data source, a data-centre will have high-speed internet which will allow you to upload and download data quickly and the storage is usually cheaper than a cloud platform.
  5. Magnetic Tapes used to be a very popular way to backup data because of their large capacity, however, the price of tapes compared with cloud and portable hard drives has made it an unpopular and expensive backup option.

Check List:

  1. Backups have separated from the data source
  2. Backups are being encrypted
  3. The Backup location has plenty of storage space

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