Tips for Offsite Storage

Tips for Offsite Storage

Storing data offsite refers to geographically separating data from its main data source, or it can mean storing data somewhere that’s not in your office, like the cloud.
These days cloud storage is very popular due to its ease of access, however storing data in the cloud comes with some considerations around security, a more security conscious method of storing data online would be data-centre storage or a private-cloud, which is similar to the traditional cloud (some would argue exactly the same) except the access to the platform is restricted and requires some extra layers of security such as a VPN or an application portal to login.

When storing data online or offsite, it is critical that data is protected from snoops, this can be done using encryption software when creating the backups.

Check List:

  1. Have you physically separated your backups from the main data source?
  2. Is offsite backup data encrypted?
  3. Do you need added security provided by a Private Cloud or Data-centre?
  4. If you need to retrieve your backup data, is this possible with your current internet connection, how long will it talk? (run a test)
  5. Document your Offsite Backup providers into the central register.


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