Tips for Finding your important data

Tips for Finding your important data

When backing up data, it’s important to understand exactly which data needs to be backed up, you can do this by making note of each system or platform you use on a daily and monthly basis and noting down how critical that system/platform is to your business, from there you can determine if there is critical data within that system/platform that needs to be backed up.

You may need to ask key staff from different departments which systems/platforms they use also, you may find that some departments utilize their own systems/platforms, for example, the accounts team would most likely use an accounting package, which will contain critical data.

Be sure to thoroughly look through warehouses for Computers used by manufacturing equipment, these computers may not contain critical data, however the computer itself will be running some software that’s used to communicate with the machinery or used to perform manufacturing, these computers should be backup-up as the software and operating system are usually dated and recovering these computers it usually a very painful and expensive exercise, not to mention the production downtime.

Check List

  1. Note down the system/platforms you use on a daily and monthly basis.
  2. List how Critical those systems/platforms are to your business.
  3. Ask key departmental staff to do the same.
  4. Ensure you locate all the computers and system that need to be backed up.

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