Tips for Encrypting Data

Tips for Encrypting Data

You wouldn’t perform Internet banking without encrypting your traffic, the same goes for your backup data, encryption is the only way to prevent someone from finding or stealing one of your backup files and viewing all the content with it.

Have you considered what would happen if your IT guy gets hit by a bus, do you have all the “keys” need to decrypt your data?

Adding encryption to your backup data can be performed during the backup process and most backup software will let you enable encryption at no extra cost.

Whilst we are on the encryption topic, let me dispel the myth that encrypting data will protect you from Ransomware, this is not true. Some ransomware uses encryption software to lock the user’s files however, data can be encrypted multiple times and ransomware will happily double encrypt your data.

Check List

  1. Your backup software can encrypt data.
  2. Document the Encryption Keys.
  3. Perform a test data restore and decrypt the data (every month).

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