Service Providers

ICTAA Accredited Service Providers can be recognised for their quality and professional approach to both ICT and customer service.

In order for ICTAA to provide our clients with the latest best practise frameworks and relevant materials, we partner with various IT companies and vendors (refered to as Service Providers) to ensure our content and advice reflects the latest industry best-practises and protection techniques, this means when you partner with ICTAA you’re also partnering with our network of ICT professionals and Service Providers.

Our service providers range from IT companies to specialist application and IT security providers, this broad range of skill sets and experiences is what makes our partner networks so powerful, all of our service providers need to undertake the highest level of ICTAA accreditation and we encourage they also participate in industry training and ICTAA workshops to build up their knowledge of the latest industry best-practises.

ICTAA comes from a strong IT background, we understand the industry and we strongly believe that our service providers are what makes ICTAA so special, they bring together a vast body of value through their experiences, in an industry as broad as ICT an individual can’t know it all, but together we can answer any of our clients questions.

Our service providers work alongside ICTAA clients by offering consultancy and advice where needed. This works well for everyone, ICTAA clients feel confident they are getting the best advice from an ICTAA accredited service provider and our service providers get work with our clients throughout their accreditation journey fostering a strong relationship as their trusted adviser.

Accredited Service Providers will have access to a dedicated membership site packed with useful business building information. Additionally, accredited service providers will receive a full business profile on the ICTAA website.  Accredited providers will also be recommended to those local businesses who purchase an ICTAA Accreditation Kit.

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