Cyber Awareness Training Package

Cyber Awareness Training Package


Turning your staff into Human Firewalls isn’t as painful as it sounds, ICTAA will deliver engaging and relevant training models and simulated phishing attacks.

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We will schedule 12 months worth of awareness training for up to 25 staff and give you regular reports on their progress (good and bad).

Why Cyber Security Awareness Training? Ransomware, That’s Why…

Since September 2013, several crypto-ransomware strains are attacking end-users and it’s rapidly getting worse. You cannot just rely on your filters anymore, you also have to train your end-users and create a Human Firewall. Here is what some real system admins said after they got hit with ransomware due to employee error:

  1. “Just Paid Cryptolocker We got infected, found our backups did not work and we had to pay.”
  2. “Went through this 2 weeks ago We had backups, but that meant we lost a day and a half.”
  3. “CryptoDefense deleted my Shadow Volume Copies that really caused a major problem.
  4. “Cryptolocker SUCKS This really is the nastiest thing on the web at the moment.”
  5. “Ouch. This stinks Our comptroller opened the attachment, and her PC got infected. The phishing email passed through hosted email filtering, our ‘advanced’ firewall and the AV on the workstation.” 

Our cyber awareness training packages makes upskilling and onboarding new staff incredibly simple, from day 1 staff will be trained, assessed and scored and the next 12 months of training models will be locked and loaded – and our regular reporting allows you to determine which individuals need further training and maybe putting your business at risk.

We also include:

  • 12-month cyber awareness program (up to 25 staff) – need more staff trained? No worries!
  • Unlimited phishing test
  • Video and interactive training models
  • Various training topics
  • Cyber awareness posters for your office
  • USB drop test
  • Breached password test
  • Weak password test
  • Domain spoof test
  • Mail Server test to check security and spam filter configuration

Anyone hit with any kind of ransomware knows how destructive it can be.

With the large number of phishing threats hitting companies, people can become immune to alerts. We help you be more proactive and train employees to learn which Red Flags to look for and how to keep themselves and your network protected.

Often, antivirus does not recognise the constantly changing ransomware variants, an end user clicks on a link or opens an infected attachment, and encrypts their local files or worse, your whole network.

Failed backups + Ransomware = Recipe for Disaster!  Once these files are encrypted, the only way to get them back is to restore a recent backup or pay the ransom. Problem is, backups often fail. Storage magazine reports that over 34% of companies do not test their backups and of those tested 77% found that tape backups failed to restore. According to Microsoft, 42% of attempted recoveries from tape backups in the past year have failed.

We Will Pay Your Crypto-Ransom If You Get Hit With Ransomware

We are so confident our cyber security awareness training in conjunction with ICTAA accreditation works so well, we’ll pay your ransom if you get hit with ransomware while you are an ICTAA customer who has completed our Human Firewall training.” – Billy McKindley, co-founder ICTAA.

ICTAA will pay your ransom if you get hit with ransomware due to human error of an employee (terms and conditions apply).  We think now is a very good time for you to seize the moment and train your employees with the ex-Hackers Security Awareness Training.


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