Accreditation Subscription (12 months)

Accreditation Subscription (12 months)

$599.00 for 1 year

Your arsenal of potent, actionable, best practice knowledge at your finger tips for less than $2 a day, and a simple no-fuss pricing model!

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The ICTAA Accreditation has been developed for businesses with 5+ staff with relatively straight forward ICT needs. By undertaking the business accreditation, owners and managers can improve the quality of core business processes and implement continuity planning into their ICT ecosystems.

Why ICTAA accreditations are so important.

Every business no matter the size or industry relies on IT in some way, this might be emails, applications or simply a website to tell everyone about your services, but every piece of technology in your business has a potential back-door that can be exploited by hackers or more likely opportunistic (or unaware) staff, after all, 60% of all attacks are maliciously (or accidentally) initiated by your own staff.

We can’t expect every business owner or managed to also be an IT expert, even the IT experts have a hard time staying on top of all the different threat vectors being exploited, but we do expect that every business we interact with is doing “what is reasonably acceptable to protect data” as the law states.

Here is a great video by Cisco that walks through how a modern ransomware attack is initiated and it shows that a number of avenues are exploited in order to infiltrate the company, proving that you need multiple layers of protection to prevent attacks, this is why ICTAA accreditations are so important, we are going to help you identify and address any weaknesses, before they get exploited:

This is also why the ICTAA Subscription gives you access to ICT Tips, Tools, Assessments and much more designed to simplify your ICT management and reduce your risks.

ICTAA Subscription also includes

  • Accreditation Assessment Kit for Level 1, 2, 3 (with a physical folder)
  • Access to all the ICTAA ICT Policy Templates
  • Access to all the ICTAA ICT Tools and Tips
  • Monitoring of your domains
  • Regular email updates about ICT data breaches
  • Annual Onsite ICTAA Audit
  • ICTAA Web Badges for your website
  • Plus much more…

Then when you’re accredited you can showcase your success.

By implementing your Assessment Kit, you are introducing Quality Assurance into your ICT environment and collating the information you need to ensure you are making the right IT decisions.
To showcase your commitment to business partners and to clients, ICTAA provides a profile page that shows your companies listing as well as accreditation levels. This profile page can be accessed from your company’s website via a web badge.

We will also arrange for a photo opportunity with you and your accreditation certificate that we will broadcast to our community of over 2,000 businesses telling them about your accreditation level and the services your business offers.

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