Your Health Scores

Use this to instantly get a health check of your ICT ecosystem based on the polices and best practises employed by your business, as you progress through your accreditation you will see your health scores improve.

L2 Accreditation

LEVEL 2: Business Intelligence
Overview of your accreditation progress and level achieved.

Hours to Recover

If a disaster strikes your business, how many hours will it take you to recover normal operations based on your accreditations answers.

Risk Posture %

This chart is populated from your accreditation answers, use this to understand your risk posture, the higher the score the higher your risk, risks can be reduced with stronger policies, procedures and ongoing cyber awareness training.

Your Awards

By undertaking your accreditation you have demonstrated you have best-practise methods employed within your business.

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Peripherals
  • Basic IT Security
  • Environment and Lifecycle
  • Internet Redundancy
  • Data Management & Backups
  • Email Security
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Ecosystem Documentation
  • Productivity Gains
  • Business Continuity
  • Business Presence

Next Level

  • How do you improve on perfection?
    With continued training and upskilling of your staff with Cyber Awareness Training!
  • Cyber Awareness Training

Your Badges

Showcase your success and prove to your business partners that you have quality IT processes and systems – web badges can be added to your website and email signature – you got this far, you might as well show off a little!

Your Accreditation Questions

Below you will see a list of topics that formed your accreditation and any answers you submitted that have been approved by ICTAA.