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Straight Up Digital are specialists in digital strategy and Online Marketing solutions and based on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Our core brand value is about being open in everything we do. We believe that businesses thrive on information, in fact to most, this is mission critical. At Straight Up Digital, we are 100% transparent. We are clear about it, so that you don't need to wade through layers of information just to find out if your marketing campaign is working or not.


RESULTS FOCUSED & STRAIGHT UP - We believe that businesses want to provide an amazing experience to their customers. - We believe that your online presence should simply be an extension of your business - We also believe that businesses need to make informed decisions about their online presence and their current provider is not giving them the data to do so.


Our team is highly experienced, professional and works zealously to finish every project on time. The team ensures that all the requirements of the client are met suitably. The team believes in delivering amazing results by offering a wide range of Website, Graphic Design and Online Marketing services that will increase your sales for sure. You don’t have much technical knowledge, no need to worry because our advanced Content Management System allows you to easily control and manage your online presence.


Straight Up Digital will provide an online presence for your business where you can achieve your goals with the help of high quality web design and web development campaigns on the Gold coast. Our team not only provides top-notch web design, but it also offers a wide range of web-based services that will help your business to grow in the right direction. With many years of experience in the web design industry, we can assure you to deliver world-class websites that will make your online business more powerful. With the knowledge and expertise of our team, Straight Up Digital will make a truly unique and customised package for your business. We work on time and within your budget.


Straight Up Digital is a Gold Coast based Web Design company that successfully develops quality websites for a wide range of clients.
Straight Up Digital specialises in encouraging and helping all types of businesses to increase revenue through the web with high quality websites and internet marketing. We offer highly creative web designs that will catch your attention and customise design as per your requirements.



Straight Up Digital offer SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click PPC) Services at different levels to suit your individual needs as a business. Google Advertising (or AdWords) is a great way to test the waters and find out your best traffic keywords and your most effective converting phrases.

Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns are designed to be nimble and quick to deliver. Once we turn them on, you can be visible within 24 hours. This means that you can be in front of your ideal customer very quickly and this can in turn lead to leads and sales earlier, in some cases from day one.



In broad terms, Social Media Marketing or SMM is the process people use to gain traffic and sales through the use of Social Media Sites.

Social Media is its self a broad term that is used to describe all the sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Myspace, YouTube and many other sites where people get involved and share information and their stories, photos and ideas. Social Media allows people to interact on a personal and instant level, but at the same time remain isolated and secure. It is, in fact, the new face of marketing and is expected to take over from the more conventional and conservative forms of marketing and advertising as it continues to expand and grow.

Today there are over 2 billion people using social media each day with another 1 million plus people joining up to different social media networks worldwide each day. Of the estimated 4 billion internet users (that is, over half the world’s population) the vast majority are using mobile phones or other handheld devices. So social media and SMM are both here to stay.

Many newspapers and magazines that had been facing a bleak future have now started their own web based social media sites and publications to meet the new challenges of the digital world as peoples preferences turn to the new digital age.



Our Social Media Marketing strategy helps your brand grow and improves online presence for your business where you can achieve your goals and increase sales for sure.

Social Media Marketing is a continually evolving field and can be an enormous help for all types of business and services large and small. This is because of the huge potential for interacting with individuals on a one on one basis over social media. There is also plenty of room for different organisations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online.

Companies joining online social networks can interact with individuals, there directly in a quick and easy, hassle free and personal way that is not possible with the different types of traditional marketing like TV, radio and newspapers.

Social media spreads content by way of “word of mouth” or more accurately “e-word of mouth” with a powerful voice and a very long reach.

Many large businesses now have Social Media expert departments with people whose job is to actively develop the companies influence in all types of social media networks for direct social media marketing.

Social network sites actively encourage their virtual communities and individuals to express their demands, needs, wants, desires and values. Social media marketing can then connect these potential consumers and customers with business and organizations that share the same or very similar needs, wants, desires and values.

This puts an astute business owner right there in front of a range of customers who are already primed and set to buy the products or services your company is offering. It is very important to understand that these customers are there because they have placed themselves there, so are ready to do business.

Social media websites love their followers to “retweet”,” repost”, like and share comments from others as well as make new comments about all manner of topics and products that are being promoted, whether the comments are good or bad negative or positive.

These comments can be repeated many times and even “go viral” reaching a huge amount of people who are all prospective customers. Because these comments and the information they contain about a product or service is being placed there by people who are interested in it, there tends to be a roll on effect. This results in more and more traffic visiting your website for you to convert to sales and build your business.

By using social media and having a high level of personal interaction with people, it can instill feelings of loyalty to your branding within the communities that are built around different social media sites.

A Social Media expert who is working on your behalf can bring a whole world of new business to you in a very short time. This is because the internet is almost instant, things can happen very quickly and there are millions (over 4 Billion) people active on the net at any one time. All of these people are all looking for something, a service, a product or entertainment and those that can provide what people are looking for, are going to be at the head of tomorrow’s future.



At Straight Up Digital, we offer our clients a full range of options and internet services to suit their particular needs and budgets. We can tailor make a plan that takes into account your business goals and everything you need to begin your internet presence.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of internet professionals is ready and willing to sit down and discuss just what your needs are and work out the most cost-effective ways we can help you become a successful internet marketer. It really starts with a total business plan to help you reach your goals.

Most people do not understand just what website hosting is all about and the different options you have. Deciding which option is right for you and your business is a matter of your budget, the number or unique of visitors you expect, the type of product or service you’re promoting and the amount of security you require. There are four main types of website hosting to choose from:

Shared Hosting is often best for beginners, looking for an inexpensive, easy option. These types of hosting services tend to have the “bad neighbour effect” when one user has lots of traffic, others sharing the server slow down or become unreachable. This makes it useful for sites with low traffic volumes, but not great for internet marketing.

Virtual Private Server Hosting provides a better balanced as all its resources are divided evenly between site holders. This means each site is not affected by any of the others. VPS also allows you to make changes to the set up without affecting the other users and is scalable, allowing you to grow as needed, but you need some basic knowledge to take advantage of it.

Dedicated Hosting is for those who are serious about making a profitable internet marketing business. It is much more secure and can be extensively customised giving you a lot of flexibility. The main disadvantages are that you need to know a lot about computers and server technology. They are also more expensive, starting about $60 a month up to $400 per month

Cloud Hosting is similar to Dedicated Hosting and is expected to be the future of web hosting; it places your site on a virtual machine where you become part of a whole network of computers. This allows you to take advantage of the almost unlimited internet power and memory available in a scalable arrangement according to your site needs. Another advantage is you need only pay for the amount you actually use, so your costs relate more to your business usage.

Here at Straight Up Digital, we’re committed to helping you make the right decisions so your online presence is a financial success. We understand that while running your business, you don’t have the necessary time to devote to perfecting your online presence. This is why we offer a complete web design service from sorting out your hosting requirements to providing a fully functioning, proactive website that’s 100 percent user and mobile friendly as well as fully search engine optimised.

At Straight UP Digital we use the latest cutting edge technology to help promote your brand and have your site stand out from the rest. Using the latest apps and features we can check your progress and track visitor responses to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and giving them what they want. Unique businesses need unique websites and original concepts which is what Straight Up Digital is all about. We are dedicated to your success and forming long term business partnerships with local businesses on The Gold Coast.



For those who want to become or are already internet marketers, having the best possible web presence is imperative, you’re competing against many websites, so you need something that will place you in front and keep you there to gain the best return for your efforts.

Straight Up Digital is a leading Gold Coast based Web Design Company, we are experts in creating cutting edge web design that’s unique and totally user friendly. Our team has the experience and know-how to ensure you’re ahead of your competition and in front of your targeted audience. We are fully trained and use the latest professional tools to look after all aspects of your site maintenance. Our content writer can provide you with interesting, relevant value packed content that it designed for your site and audience.

Why you need to keep your website constantly maintained

Once you have the best web design possible using the latest techniques and apps, fully search engine optimised and mobile friendly, filled with original, interesting, value packed content you would hope that you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours, right? Wrong, the internet is organic and constantly changing.

There are three main aspects of web maintenance:

  1. The first aspect is the integrity of your web code. This includes looking for broken, bad or obsolete links, download speeds and site security. You can do this with the right apps and training. The internet is in a constant state of revision and upgrading, nothing remains the same, each time this happens, new features and inherent flaws you need to deal with are added
  2. The next important aspect is monitoring your performance. You need the number of visitors you are getting, how long each visitor stays and how many visitors are becoming customers and/or clients. This can all be achieved by having the right applications to monitor and decipher what is going on. But even with the latest apps, you need to know how to use them. Why do you need to know this? Simply so you can be sure you are giving your audience and therefore customers what they want. You need to be able to adapt your site to the needs of your visitors in real time. Google search engines now notice when you engage your visitors, when you are giving value for time spent and reward you by giving a better place in the search rating, which means more visitors and more sales
  3. The third important aspect is content; you need to have interesting, relevant content, but the fantastic content on your site today is not going to be good enough for tomorrow or the next day. Your competition is monitoring your site constantly and trying to get ahead of you in the ratings so they can attract your customers. This means you have to monitor them, see where they’re going, what they are doing and react quickly to maintain your ratings. Once again this can all be done using the right apps, if you know how to use them and have the experience to be able to benefit from the knowledge you gain.

Having a relevant internet presence is the key to your success, the organic nature of the internet means that it is now a full time job to maintain even a simple effective website. Here at Straight Up Digital Services, we offer a comprehensive website maintenance service at very competitive rates. Come down and talk with us and we’ll work out a package to maintain your website that’s within your budget and keeps you ahead and current.