Living on Wheels

Living on Wheels


Living on Wheels is all about helping kids and young adults master their wheelchairs and aims to help kids discover and pursue activities and sport using their wheelchairs.

Living on Wheels, based in Brisbane, was founded in 2013 and is owned and run by George Kambouris. George has also represented his country here and overseas in a number of National, Pacific and International sporting events. YouTube videos:

“I’ve learned a new skill to use when I’m in my wheelchair – a wheelstand. My instructor, George Kambours, from Living on Wheels, makes it look very easy as this is a skill he has been practicing since he was a child. George inspires confidence and is very encouraging. He showed that once this skill is mastered, it will make it easier to negotiate a number of surfaces that are not flat, such as grass.”

Susanne Mulligan