ICTAA’s Accreditation Services 2nd anniversary

ICTAA’s Accreditation Services 2nd anniversary

ICTAA™ Celebrates 2 Years of Successful Accreditation Services

Brisbane, Qld, Australia – 7th July, 2015

Every business these days uses IT but many don’t realise the risks involved or the legal compliance required. This lack of knowledge could be the downfall of your company. ICTAA™ was born on July 1, 2013 (ICTAA™) to support business owners and IT service providers to understand the legal ramifications of using IT in the workplace.
ICTAA™ was established by a group of experienced and accomplished ICT service providers who saw the need for an independent service to help businesses avoid the often crippling IT problems they may encounter.

ICTAA™ aims to increase business productivity and reduce risk through nationally accepted ICT practices and standards in Australia. This is achieved through ICTAA’s™ accreditation courses that deliver significant benefits to business owners.

“Just about every business function relies on IT these days. ICTAA™ supports small businesses through to corporate entities, NGO’s, government departments and IT service providers to work together effectively. Our core set of best practices inform both business owners and service providers. Over the last 2 years we have seen an increased knowledge by business owners of the importance of understanding these practices and as a result, we have experienced an increasing uptake of our accreditation courses”

Isn’t it time you got accredited? Details about the range of courses are available on our website. ICTAA™’s assessment workbooks will give you the knowledge you need for IT decisions. You will receive totally independent and expert advice and this will ensure you have more transparency and security with your IT service provider.
Accreditation lasts a full 12 months and provides a clear guide with easy to follow insights that will both improve your business’ productivity and reduce risks associated with IT.

Ensuring your business’ security and productivity are paramount to a successful bottom line. The ICTAA™ accreditation course will set you up for the future of your ICT environment. We offer 3 accreditation levels depending on your needs.

Celebrate ICTAA’s™ 2nd anniversary by making sure your business is secure, compliant and you know what to expect from your IT provider. Our service is here to support your business’ success.

To find out more about ICTAA™ and the various services offered, visit the website at: https://ictaa.com.au

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