ICTAA Level 3 Accreditation: Business Continuity

ICTAA Level 3 Accreditation: Business Continuity

Business Continuity Accreditation is for the forward-thinking business who won’t tolerate ICT outages and disruptions, this level will pull together various automated redundancies focused on increasing system availability so staff can operate without interruptions, we also will explore disaster recovery techniques and ICT security.

As a forward-thinking business, you will develop ICT lifecycles that will help to navigate your future ICT requirements and this also works to ensure your ICT evolutions is heading in the desired direction.

Some of the items we cover in Level 3: Business Continuity

  • Internet Redundancy: Cloud connected businesses can’t function with unreliable Internet.
  • Automation of critical fail-safes: Using automation to reduce human errors and increase responsiveness.
  • Security Reviews: Checking Firewalls, Guest WIFI, Devices and creating automated network summaries.
  • Equipment Lifecycles: To manage current equipment and future purchases.


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