ICTAA Level 2 Accreditation: Business Intelligence

ICTAA Level 2 Accreditation: Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Accreditation is for the business who is focused on leveraging their ICT ecosystem to gain the greatest efficiencies, this level helps you to further streamline your procedures and reduce the unnecessary IT annoyances for example, we will explore your email systems and implement Spam mitigation and other security strengthening. We will also take a deeper look at your IT systems and discover ways to reduce outages and time to recover from disasters.

Some of the items we cover in Level 2: Business Intelligence

  • Monitoring: We explore monitoring of critical system and ways to prevent outages.
  • Backup Reporting: Keep an eye on your basic processes and address them before they cause issues.
  • Offsite Backups: Explore Offsite and Cloud backup techniques and ways to duplicate data to safeguard from threats.
  • Maintenance: Step up your maintenance efforts and incorporate auxiliary systems into regular maintenance plans.
  • Power and Environment: Reduce outages with backup power and test the impacts of interruptions to critical systems.


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