“Does anyone know the password?”

“Does anyone know the password?”

Don’t let minor interruptions stop your business in 2019:

If we look back at the statistics from 2018, it’s alarming to see that power interruptions accounted for 35% of disaster events (45% from hardware failure) and as the Dunder Mifflin team discovered, a minor power interruption can cause the server to reset and not being able to login to the server prevented the whole office from working…


  1. Do you have adequate power, surge protection and UPS equipment?
  2. Do you have all your passwords documented?

Not sure? This is where ICTAA can help, we will help you document your ICT ecosystem and the next time the power goes off, grab your physical ICTAA folder which will contain everything you need to get back online (maybe we should provide some torches in the kits?)

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