Data Breach Notice: Illawarra drivers licenses details

Data Breach Notice: Illawarra drivers licenses details

At the last election, a file containing names, addresses, ages and driving history – including those of then Labor leader Michael Daley – was leaked to the media by the office of Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello.

The leak occurred after Revenue NSW advised Mr Dominello’s office the file was a privacy breach and it must be destroyed.

A police investigation declined to lay charges against Mr Dominello’s office but the matter has been referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

In parliament this week, Mr Scully asked Mr Dominello if anyone in his Wollongong electorate had their personal information leaked.

Mr Dominello did not answer the question, instead stating that “Revenue NSW informed the Privacy Commissioner of the breach. They got advice from the Privacy Commissioner and they are implementing that advice”.

The Mercury went further and asked the minister if the private details of anyone in the Illawarra were leaked.

A spokesman for his office would not answer that question.

Instead, he moved the blame to Revenue NSW, saying it has now reviewed “governance arrangements to ensure all staff are aware of their privacy obligations”.

The minister’s spokesman also would not explain why the data was not destroyed as per the order of Revenue NSW.

Mr Scully was unimpressed with the response, stating Illawarra residents needed to be assured their personal information was “above politics”.

“I want the Premier and the minister to formally tell individuals in the Illawarra that their personal information was breached and leaked,” Mr Scully said.

“I want the Premier and minister to just come clean that officials in the government did the wrong thing with personal data and that it will never happen again.”

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