Frequently Asked Questions

[accordionwrap][accordion title=”Is Accreditation Automatic?”]



Once you complete your Assessment Workbook, you firstly need to make any improvements required to bring your ICT systems up to the ICTAA™ standard. This may require some simple and straight forward additions to your ICT systems. Click here to have a look at some of the items that you may need to purchase.


Once you’ve made the improvements highlighted in your Assessment Workbook, it’s time to submit your completed booklet to ICTAA™ (using our reply paid envelope). ICTAA™ will then review and issue the appropriate ICTAA™ Accreditation.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Are there any time limits on assessment or accreditation?”]



Once you have purchased the Assessment Kit you have 12 weeks to complete the workbook and send it back for review. After 12 weeks there is a small administration charge that is payable for your assessment to be processed.


Your accreditation is then valid for 12 months.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Can I upgrade my accreditation level?”]



If you wish to be accredited at a higher level than your original assessment, there is a Level Upgrade pack that can be purchased for $97. Contact us for more details.


For example, if you are accredited for Level 1 Business Awareness in your category and wish to re-accredit for Level 3 Business Continuity before your annual renewal, then the Level Upgrade pack is what you need.

[/accordion][accordion title=”What are the different Assessment Programs?”]

There are 3 types of Assessment Programs.


Self Assessment: This is where you work through your Assessment Kit on your own. You will most likely need assistance from several of your current ICT providers to collate the necessary information for accreditation.


Provider Assessment: This is where an accredited ICTAA™ Service Provider works through your Assessment Kit with you. They help you collate information and implement solutions that are not yet in place for accreditation.


Auditor Assessment: The most regarded accreditation is one that has been assessed by an accredited ICTAA™ Auditor. Once you (or perhaps your service provider) have implemented the items in your Assessment Kit, an ICTAA™ Auditor will then come out to your premises and confirm your Self or Provider Assessment.


[/accordion][accordion title=”How do I sponsor a Community group?”]

Simply review our Sponsorship Program here and fill out the registration form at the bottom of that page. Make sure you indicate that you wish to sponsor a Community Organisation in the checkbox.

[/accordion][accordion title=”What do I get with my ICTAA™ Accreditation?”]

Once your business is ICTAA™ accredited it’s important to let your customers, prospects and other stakeholders know. This is another positive way to build your businesses reputation and creditability. To support you in promoting your new ICT Accreditation we will provide you with the following…


  • ICTAA™ Accreditation Badges, a style guide and permission to use them.
  • The peace of mind that comes with confidence in your ICT approach.
  • A formal accreditation certificate.
  • A public profile listing displaying your accreditation details and a back-link to your site.
  • Ready to use Press Release to help market and expand your business.
  • Access to the Client Portal.