Can we help your not-for-profit organisation?

The ICTAA management team have been actively involved in the community service throughout their careers, they understand first hand the need for robust and contemporary approaches to ICT within not-for-profit organisations.
Equally, they understand that resources within the community sector only stretch so far, with this in mind, ICTAA Community Sector Program is discounted Accreditation Kits. These are available as a direct purchase from this website, Simply send us a message with the below form and that you wish to purchase a Community Sector Kit. After verification, we will send you a code to use in the website checkout process to apply the appropriate discounts.
Our second initiative is sponsored Assessment Kits. If you are a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation and see the value in ICTAA Business Accreditations, then simply fill out the form below to register your organisation for a sponsored Assessment Kit.
We will then promote on our website, social media and general marketing that you are on our sponsored waiting list. Once we have found a philanthropic partner, we will introduce you both and your partner will then pay for your ICTAA Assessment Kit.


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