Major WIFI security upgrade, are you ready?

Let's take a moment and talk about some upcoming changes to the WiFi standards, these changes will bring massive security enhancements – However there’s a couple of things you need to be aware of. Over the years, we have seen WiFi overtake wired networks as the preferred and simplest way to connect devices: Enterprises are using WiFi to connect staff and devices to corporate networks. Retailers using it for POS and tracking of stock movements in warehouses. Public “Free WiFi” [...]

Data Breach Notice: – 763,117,241 breached accounts

In February 2019, the email address validation service suffered a data breach. The breach was due to the data being stored in a MongoDB instance left publicly facing without a password and resulted in 763 million unique email addresses being exposed. Many records within the data also included additional personal attributes such as names, phone numbers, IP addresses, dates of birth and genders. No passwords were included in the data. The website went offline during the disclosure [...]

Data Breach Notice: – 40,960,499 breached accounts

In July 2018, the social bookmarking and sharing service ShareThis suffered a data breach. The incident exposed 41 million unique email addresses alongside names and in some cases, dates of birth and password hashes. In 2019, the data appeared listed for sale on a dark web marketplace (along with several other large breaches) and subsequently began circulating more broadly.

Security Tips to Stay Safe Online

Every day we use the internet for just about everything you can think of. With over 650 million websites worldwide, online gaming and social networking, keeping safe online can be tricky to comprehend. Fortunately there are some simple steps we can incorporate into our online life to stay safe and secure. Keep your computer secure Ensure all software (including your web browser) current by installing updates. This is usually as simple as turning on automatic updates on your computer but sometimes [...]

Security Considerations

Running any business requires a level of ICT understanding, we have listed 8 common security considerations you will come across during your accreditation journey.    1.  Passwords In today’s business-world ICT plays a fundamental part, with every system there is the basic security of a username and password. Now while most of the usernames that you use will most likely be different, do you tend to use the one password or do you have several? Having one password for all your ICT access [...]

What is RAID?

Introduction RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks, originally Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvements. Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways, referred to as RAID levels, depending on the required level of redundancy and performance. The different schemes, or data distribution layouts, are named by the word "RAID" followed by a [...]

3 Views on Cloud Storage

Just thought I would comment on the use of Cloud Computing for data storage, such as Backups files and Data Repositories. To provide a bit of background I have experience working in 3 roles; as an onsite technician, a developer for medical databases and also as a data hoarder, storing backup data for clients. I've tried to give my comments on each different point-of-view which may conflict and not be totally relevant to your business alone. My experience as an Onsite Technician [...]

How To Choose A Backup System

Did you know that you can lose files by accidentally deleting or replacing them, because of a virus or worm attack, software or hardware failure, or a complete hard disk failure? Now that you've heard the potential causes it's time to get protection. To safeguard your files, you can create a backup: a set of copies of the files that is stored in a different location from the original files. Your data is always more valuable after you have lost [...]

DIY Computer Maintenance

Most of us know that without proper maintenance, your car's performance will degrade over time. The same applies to your computers. Let's take the old adage that prevention is better than the cure. You should make sure that you put regular time (preferably monthly) in your calendar to perform some basic maintenance tasks. This can obviously be delegated to another team member or better still leave it to a trusted IT professional. But that's OK, this is a DIY article [...]

Online Security and Emails

Introduction The security industry has provided large businesses with effective email security solutions for many years, helping to address their heightened sensitivity to email risk. Email gateway security solutions have proven particularly effective because they filter inbound and outbound email traffic at the email gateway, thus ensuring that only emails conforming to corporate policy are allowed in and out of the business. Because these solutions remove unwanted email before it reaches the email gateway, they also reduce bandwidth consumption over networks. Mid-sized [...]