Business Owners

Do you own or manage a business?

Every business no matter the size relies on an ICT ecosystem to operate, and this ecosystem is growing and changing on a daily basis, the daily management of ICT is becoming more of a challenged and this is intensified by the ever present and rapidly changing threats that owners and managers need to contend with.

The rate in which threat vectors change is the biggest problem you will face when managing your ICT, a great protection strategy today maybe inadequate tomorrow and because of this you need to be adopting new offensive and remediation strategies to give you and your business the best chances of survival.

Business Owners

Have you ever wondered...

If you struggle to answer all of these, you’re a great candidate for an ICTAA accreditation.

  • What happens if your person IT leaves?
  • What if your IT provider stops operating?
  • How will you respond to a Ransomware attack?
  • How do you respond to Fires, Floods or Theft?
  • If your backup data is lost, what do you do next?
  •  What happens if you suffer a data breach?
  • Are my staff trained to identify Phishing threats?

Business Managers

It's all on your sholders...

Managing a business or a team of IT professionals has its challenges, at ICTAA we often talk about knowledge gaps between IT staffs skills and the different learning undertaken by each of them, this mixed-bag of knowledge is usually driven by your staffs interests in particular technology brands, I am sure we all have a staff member in the office that refuses to use any apple products, but they could talk all day about Windows products.

This becomes more of an issue when staff favour particular software for example a staff member who is great at Cisco networking may have zero interests, knowledge or desire to learn about HP networking or the latest Microsoft Email servers.

As a manager your challenge is how do you ensure that your staff have done what is needed to protect your ecosystem, when they don’t always have the knowledge or skills to manage every aspect of your ecosystem?

This is where an ICTAA accreditation framework can be used to bridge the knowledge gaps and ensure that every aspect of your ecosystem has been considered.

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