Business Accreditations

ICTAA™ Business Accreditation is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1Simply purchase your Assessment Kit for the category  you require (more on this below). This will be sent to you via registered post.
2Begin working through the workbook and guide – the ICTAA™ Accreditation Framework, and implement any enhancements you require.
3Once you’re done, send the workbook back to us for processing, final approval and accreditation.


The process is simple, and can be delegated to staff or a Virtual/Personal Assistant. You can work your way through the workbook as fast or as slow as you want within your allocated 12 weeks.


Business Categories

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to ICT. As such, ICTAA™ has divided Business Accreditations according to business size for core modules, and industry and technology needs as add-ons. These core categories are:

  • Owner operators
  • Ideal for small teams
  • Small & Home office
  • With our without a server

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  • Up to 20 team members
  • Server in use
  • Typically one office
  • Scheduled for release October 2015

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  • Up to 100 team members
  • Server(s) in use
  • Multiple offices
  • Scheduled for release February 2016

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  • Over 100 team members
  • Multiple servers in use
  • Multiple offices and sites
  • Scheduled for release April 2016

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Specific Industries

In addition to business size categories, industry specific categories will be released in the near future. For example medical industry, finance industry, professional services, etc.

Specific Technology Needs

To cater for the situation where a business has an additional specific ICT complexity, “Add-on Accreditations” will also become available. These may include Server, VoIP and Phone System, Ecommerce, Website, Mobility, Identity Management and Security, Governance, etc.


Business Accreditation Levels

The ICTAA™ Accreditation Framework offers three different accreditation levels for each business size category. These are;

Business Awareness

Level 1

  • This is for the business who wants to be confident that they know ‘who’s who’ and ‘what’s where’ for their ICT systems. Level 1 is mandatory for all categories.
  • Level1-60

Business Intelligence

Level 2

  • This is for the business who wants to work smarter and effectively use their ICT to increase productivity. Level 2 incorporates all of the Level 1 Assessment.
  • Level2-60

Business Continuity

Level 3

  • This is for the business who wants to establish solid risk mitigation strategies for their ICT systems. Level 3 incorporates all of the Level 1 and 2 Assessment.
  • Level3-60