Why ICTAA™ Accreditation?

Introducing the simplest and easiest way in Australia to see how your ICT practices measure up…
the ICTAA™ Assessment Kit.

These checklists are easy to follow and will show you where your ICT practice is up to standard and where there are risks and opportunities for improvement. The top 6 benefits of working through an ICTAA™ accreditation are;
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  • If you are targeting A-Grade customers, they will appreciate your systemised approach to quality and risk reduction through ICT (after all they are doing this too).
  • You will have a clear idea of the risks that you need to address.
  • You will have confidence and certainty that you are on track with contemporary best ICT practice for your size of business.
  • You will be able to use the ICTAA™ badge on your website, sales proposals and other materials. This shows your customers and prospects that you have ICT best practice in your business.
  • You’ll have a quality ICT management approach for your IT provider to work within.
  • You will have an online asset register and maintenance register keeping everything in one place.


[tabgroup] [tab title=”Micro Business”][list type=”sign”]

  • Owner operators
  • Ideal for small teams
  • Small & Home office
  • With our without a server

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[tab title=”Small Business”][list type=”sign”]

  • Up to 20 team members
  • Server in use
  • Typically one office
  • Scheduled for release October 2015

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[tab title=”Medium Business”][list type=”sign”]

  • Up to 100 team members
  • Server(s) in use
  • Multiple offices
  • Scheduled for release February 2016

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[tab title=”Enterprise”][list type=”sign”]

  • Over 100 team members
  • Multiple servers in use
  • Multiple offices and sites
  • Scheduled for release April 2016

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Showcase your success.

By implementing your Assessment Kit, you are introducing Quality Assurance into your ICT environment and collating the information you need to ensure you are making the right IT decisions.

To showcase your commitment to business partners and to clients, ICTAA™ provides a profile page that shows your company’s listing as well accreditation levels. This profile page can be accessed from your company’s website via a web badge, such as one shown below. Click on the badge to view our profile.

Business Level 3 Small