About ICT Accreditation Australia

ICT Accreditation Australia (ICTAA™) is the brainchild of accomplished ICT service providers who had long seen the need for an independent service to help business owners to improve productivity and reduce risk with IT.

On July 1, 2013 ICTAA™ was born. Via a series of simple workbooks ICTAA™ can help business to avoid numerous debilitating IT problems for themselves. Through a process of assessment against best practice standards, ICTAA™ can offer accreditation to businesses.

ICTAA™ accreditation delivers a number of important benefits to business owners, including;

  • The knowledge that they are making the right decision
  • Totally independent advice
  • More transparency between the IT service provider and the business
  • A way to keep your IT service provider accountable

ICTAA™’s accreditation kits cut through the fluff and provide practical and actionable insights into improving your business’ productivity and reducing risk with IT.

It’s easy to get started by purchasing your assessment kit here …