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What is ICT?

What is ICT and how does it differ to IT? Most business functions involve some form of ICT. To reduce risk and increase productivity, a business should develop a best practice framework for ICT. But what does ICT mean? It’s easy to get buried in acronyms these days. IT [information technology] and ICT [information and communications technology] get bandied around all the time, sometimes interchangeably. So what’s the difference, and why is it important? Essentially, ICT contains IT as an umbrella term. IT [...]


ICTAA launches Smart Certificate

The Smart Certificate let’s people see the best of you. One of the issues surrounding accreditation and certificates is verifying if the participant is still current in their program. Our new ICTAA certificate now contains a simple way to validate accreditations and connect people to the ICTAA public profile of any accredited business. The ICTAA Smart Certificate uses both Near Field Communication (or NFC) and Quick Response Code (or QR Code) which contain an embedded link to the ICTAA online profile for [...]


ICTAA’s Accreditation Services 2nd anniversary

ICTAA™ Celebrates 2 Years of Successful Accreditation Services Brisbane, Qld, Australia – 7th July, 2015 Every business these days uses IT but many don’t realise the risks involved or the legal compliance required. This lack of knowledge could be the downfall of your company. ICTAA™ was born on July 1, 2013 (ICTAA™) to support business owners and IT service providers to understand the legal ramifications of using IT in the workplace. ICTAA™ was established by a group of experienced and accomplished ICT [...]