Monthly Archives - February 2014

How To Choose A Backup System

Did you know that you can lose files by accidentally deleting or replacing them, because of a virus or worm attack, software or hardware failure, or a complete hard disk failure? Now that you've heard the potential causes it's time to get protection. To safeguard your files, you can create a backup: a set of copies of the files that is stored in a different location from the original files. Your data is always more valuable after you have lost [...]

DIY Computer Maintenance

Most of us know that without proper maintenance, your car's performance will degrade over time. The same applies to your computers. Let's take the old adage that prevention is better than the cure. You should make sure that you put regular time (preferably monthly) in your calendar to perform some basic maintenance tasks. This can obviously be delegated to another team member or better still leave it to a trusted IT professional. But that's OK, this is a DIY article [...]