Monthly Archives - August 2013

AAVIP Quality Reference Group

ICT Accreditation Australia is proud to announce our relationship with AAVIP – the Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals. As CEO of ICTAA™, it is a privilege to be invited to be a part of the Quality Reference Group of Australia’s first Not for Profit Association for Virtual Businesses. I’m looking forward to working in this focus group to help AAVIP establish a quality standards for their membership. Our values of helping others and providing a quality framework are closely [...]


Online Security

Every day we use the internet for just about everything you can think of. With over 650 million websites worldwide, online gaming and social networking, keeping safe online can be tricky to comprehend. Fortunately there are some simple steps we can incorporate into our online life to stay safe and secure. Keep your computer secure Ensure all software (including your web browser) current by installing updates. This is usually as simple as turning on automatic updates on your computer but sometimes an [...]


Who Owns Your Domain Name?

Welcome to ICTAA™’s first official video presentation. This is a referenced link from our Self Assessment Guide that steps you through what is a domain name, how it works, and most importantly who owns yours? (7:40)   Update October 15th, 2013: ICTAA™ has now released a WHOIS service. Please feel free to use our new service when verifying a domain name at